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North Cove, Sherman Creek, & “Three Sister Coves”
Stewardship – Science – Rehabilitation – Restoration – Education  

International-Flyway Tidal-Estuary Restoration
Four-Cove Complex on Harlem River, NYC, NY, USA
U.S. EPA Endorses Steward : James A. Cataldi “Birdman of Inwood”

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North Cove, Sherman Creek, & “Three Sister Coves”

The North Cove data on this page is/are stored and displayed as raw data in YouTube videos.  There is much to see as this is the documented history to date – and it deserves thoughtful sequencing and perhaps a voice over – to better teach and encourage all.  Now (05/02/2012) there are less than a dozen Canada Goose residents; the videos below show many winter, and perhaps migrate, increasingly using the Inwood’s North Cove as a “Landing Pad” on this International Fly-Way.
This is not 100% assured, yet it is a very logical suspicion and offers an easy method to measure for assured confidence to know how wildlife uses this sanctuary Complex. Soon we will get a list, and attempt to get photos of migrating species for further support to define this Wildlife-WetLands Sanctuary as an : Internationally Protected Tidal-Estuary Fly-Way Complex
North Cove Project – NYC – Progress Report

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