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July 31st, 2013

To whom it may concern,

There is currently a great public service project in the Inwood community in Northern Manhattan that is both educational and environmentally progressive. We cannot overstate the incredible value this project has brought to our community, and we hope to see it continue growing.

This project is run by a local resident, James Cataldi, who selflessly worked on his own time to clean up the North Cove, a Harlem River Inlet.  He also performs science based Environmental Restoration, monitors and medically treats the wildlife, runs youth internship, and community outreach programs at no cost to tax payers, and no carbon foot print.

The North Cove is located on 9 th avenue, adjacent to the MTA Subway yards, just north of 207 street in Inwood. Mr. Cataldi is a professionally licensed wildlife rehabilitator and a 2012 US EPA Environmental Quality Award winner; the highest award one can receive. Before his work in Inwood, he worked as a computer programmer and metadata analyst on Wall Street, where his work earned him an opportunity to speak at the White House.

Until recently, he has worked mostly on his own to remove approximately 1200 cubic yards of non toxic waste and garbage from the North Cove, all properly sorted and recycled. As well he has cleaned up or prevented 12 illegal toxic heavy oil liquid spills into the Harlem River, and works closely daily with area stakeholders to ensure new debris is not being dumped at the cove any more.  It is clear that Mr. Cataldi is wholly committed to improving and sustaining the health of our natural environment in New York City and surrounding waterways.

This past year, he has included a number of young volunteers in his Environmental Justice Internship Programs from the Dyckman Houses, a NYCHA complex several blocks away, to help him with the cleanup effort. Mr. Cataldi has been both a mentor, and teacher to these young people, sharing his knowledge of environmental restoration, rehabilitation, mathematics, science and more.

His mentorship provides an incredibly unique experience for these youths. He offers valuable experience and knowledge that the children would not be able to find most anywhere else in the area and his efforts to engage members of the Inwood community have been successful. He has experienced nothing but exemplary participation from these youth, and we expect the results to pay major dividends down the line.

Mr. Cataldi is a professional and he has our full support. Through our conversations with him, and through the self-evident value of his work, we find him to be trustworthy and qualified. He has expressed a desire to keep the project free of any criminal involvement, especially with his goal to expand the program to include more youth from the area.



 Ydanis Rodriguez
Council Member
District 10  

 Adriano Espaillat
State Senator 
District 31
 Gabriela Rosa
Assembly Member
District 72

INCove Status – 09-14-13

INCove Status – 09-14-13

Four Species who love Water
 medically treated/cared for, released, now monitored in the cove.

Inwood’s North Cove: Where the wild things are!


Inwood’s North Cove: Where the wild things are!

Story by Adrian Cabreja





In the belief that wildlife takes little hold on an area marked by concrete, fire hydrants and parked vehicles, James Cataldi, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and founder of the Manhattan WetLands and WildLife Association has worked tirelessly to prove other wise

“The North Cove is now home to about 20 different species of animals,” says Cataldi, an Inwood resident “And it looks like more species will continue to make it their home.
The North Cove tucked near Manhattan’s north eastern tip is a partially submerged salt marsh that plays host to scores of Canada Geese, Ducks, American Kestrels, Fiddler Crabs, Blue Crabs and various small fish and mussels

“You also have 330 migrating birds fly north and south through New York City each year, along with multigenerational insects like monarch butterfly.”

The North Cove (along with other locations in Northern Manhattan) is part of an east coast migratory rout called the Atlantic flyway a route that thousands of birds use to migrate every year. The Atlantic flyway extends from the Chilean coast all the way the northern tip of Canada.

Other than its habitual importance, the North Cove is important for the reason that it is a landing spot for various birds that make this long journey.

But, although the North Cove is becoming a sanctuary for various species of animals it was not always this way. It was due to large efforts that this outback located in Northern Manhattan has recently become host to visiting and permanent life.

Upon being introduced to the North Cove, Cataldi was astonished to find what he called a “Heorin Shantytown” and a dumping ground

“I saw no life at the cove the place felt sterile,” said Cataldi

At the time the North Cove was home to two sickly geese

Cataldi, Immediately began what would virtually be a sole effort to clean and rehabilitate the North Cove. For the past four years Cataldi has dedicated almost every single day to this mission Missing only one day.

Cataldi, has removed over 1,200 cubic meters of waste from the cove. The garbage included tons of syringes, toxins and rubber tires.

Initially what would be a difficult effort was further agitated by early efforts to develop the cove a development that could have retarded Cataldi’s rehabilitating efforts. In addition to this Cataldi was accused by the MTA for trespassing


“I was kicked out of the cove almost everyday. I was stubborn however and id come back and continue cleaning,” said Cataldi.

Since then however Cataldi has sought public support and is federally protected and authorized to restore the North Cove.

“Mr. Cataldi has conducted 99% of this clean up on his own without any funding and few resources.” said Carol Lynes of the United Stated Environmental Protection Agency. “He is a modern day ‘Lorax’” she continued referring to Dr. Seus’s famed character that fought against plighting the environment


“He has a great passion for what he does”, said State Senator Adriano Espaillat.

Although Cataldi has restored some life into the North Cove his founding of the Manhattan WetLands and WildLife Association (MWWA) is warrant to a desire for further development and the realization that there is a lot of work to be done.

The MWWA has recently published what would be their 10-year plan to restore and further the work necessary at the North Cove. Some of MWWA’s focuses will be on wildlife monitoring, care and rehabilitation, testing and improving the water quality at and around North Cove, fighting soil erosion and water pollution, stopping sediment leaching and burdening into the Harlem River and providing an overall value and benefit to Inwood.

“I have done most of the cleaning. The problem now is that the soil is dead. The cove was a dumping ground for so many years that the soil itself became dead. There is no life in the soil. A healthier environment starts on the microbiological level and there is no microbiology in the soil,” said Cataldi.

“Although the area has been significantly improved, it will take years of continuous work to clean up the area and restore to it to a viable tidal wetland,” said Lynes.

For more information on the MWWA and to volunteer in MWWA’s restoration efforts please visit


IMG 1: Canada Geese ready to take flight.

IMG 2: “Although the area has been significantly improved, it will take years of continuous work to clean up the area and restore to it to a viable tidal wetland,” said Lynes. Photo by MWWAIMG 3: “I was kicked out of the cove almost everyday. I was stubborn however and id come back and continue cleaning,” said Cataldi.






INCove Status – 07-21-2013


INCove Status – 07-21-2013

Riverkeeper – Inwood’s North Cove Community Cleanup and Shoreline Restoration


Sweep 2013 James Daddio Inwood Cove


On Saturday, May 11, more than 1,380 volunteers removed over 36 tons of trash from more than 70 shorelines, and planted 300 trees and shrubs.  Of the 36 tons, removed, North cove  80 volunteers removed 10.5 tons, which was 26 cubic yards.

We are incredibly proud of you for making the 2nd annual Riverkeeper Sweep live up to its mission as a the biggest day of service for the Hudson River.

As part of the Waterkeeper Alliance SPLASH series, presented nationally by Toyota, we’re connected to volunteers and advocates nationwide, all stepping up this spring and summer to highlight ways we can make our waterways healthier for wildlife, and safer for swimming, fishing and drinking.

The bottom line: Our river, its estuary and its watershed are cleaner today, because of YOU!

So what’s next? Stay involved. The Riverkeeper Sweep happens once a year but the river needs you all year round.

Do you want fish that are abundant—and safe to eat? Do you want water that is consistently safe for swimming?

Working together, we can make it so.

sweep 2013 Hudson River Park small Donahue Memorial park sweep 2013 small Donahue Memorial park sweep 2013 small correct one North Brooklyn Sweep 2013 small


And thanks to our financial sponsors and partners, without whom these incredible results would not have been possible.

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 Sweep is a Waterkeeper Alliance SPLASH Series Event, presented nationally by Toyota. We’re grateful to recognize sponsors that include the Durst OrganizationJoe and Daryl Boren, Sprout Watches, Paragon SportsEileen FisherWhole Foods Market, GreenhousePleasant Valley StoneNY Kayak Company,Mother Earth’s Storehouse1-800-GOT-JUNK? New CityMetal Container Corporation (a unit of Anheuser-Busch InBev), and Sea Tow Central Hudson.

Our 2013 partners include American Rivers’ National River Cleanup, Groundwork Hudson Valley’s Great Saw Mill River Cleanup, Keep Rockland Beautiful’s Great American Cleanup, the Empire Dragon Boat Team’s Annual Flushing Bay Shoreline Cleanup, the City of Poughkeepsie’s Make Poughkeepsie ShineTerraCycle, andGreen Guru Network.


Join NowRiverkeeper is a member-supported watchdog organization dedicated to defending the Hudson River and its tributaries and protecting the drinking water supply of nine million New York City and Hudson Valley residents. Contribute to this vital work, become a member today.

Please join Riverkeeper, Manhattan Wetlands and Wildlife Association (MWAWA), Conservancy North, Waterkeeper Alliance, and Toyota for a shoreline cleanup of the North Cove along the Harlem River.
Inwood’s North Cove
Community Cleanup &
Shoreline Restoration

Saturday, May 11, 2013, Please join us for a work
session, either 10:00AM-2:00PM or 2:00-5:00PM
207th Street, 9th Avenue, Harlem River, New York, NY 10034

There will be lunch for volunteers, music, and people making a diff erence! MWAWA’s mission is to restore, clean, and enhance the cove and area water; monitor, rehabilitate and protect migratory and local wildlife; promote public water access and environmental education. Volunteers must register at or call Jim Cataldi at 347-360-1227. For more information contact River-keeper at or Jim Cataldi at Wear hard soled shoes, or boots, and long sleeves. Select from many kinds of work projects.  Special thanks to Wild Bird Fund’s 24 hour wildlife rehabilitation hospital,  the Mamadou Wafl ash Band, Mamadouwafl, MTA, and Conservancy North. The Riverkeeper Sweep is a Waterkeeper Alliance SPLASH event, presented nationally by Toyota.


Inwood’s North Cove, Harlem River
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Birdman of Inwood Video


What: Birdman of Inwood, video
When: Sep 2, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Description:You might want to check out the latest Birdman of Inwood, video, Sept 2nd, 2012….. One and one half years after the first birdman of Inwood video…

Shows the previously hidden licensed Wildlife Rehabilator side of the James “the bird man of Inwood,, NYS, USA” , bring in a new patient, as it will die if not care for immediately. James Cataldi works of the first 24 hour federal wildlife rehabilitation hospital bringing in a new patient there vision, ultimately keeping human populations healthy, as He keeps the bird and other wildlife and feral populations healthy. As well was one of US EPA 2012 Environmental Quality Award, individual person category, awarded on April 27 2012, in the Federal Plaza Building in Wall Street, Manhattan. This award is highest honor given to the public, for protecting and enhancing public health and the environment.

INCove Official Release Site


What: INCove Official Release Site
Where: Inwood’s North Cove
When: Aug 1, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Description: Inwood’s North Cove (INCove) Official Federal “Rehab & Release” SiteNYC Wild Bird Fund, a federally licensed wildlife facility, selects Inwood’s North Cove as new release site for water fowl after treatment.

The Wild Bird Fund is a non-profit organization helping to save wildbirds and wildlife in NYC.

(E.L.L.I.S.) Preparatory Academy graduation


Freedom to Create Positive Historical Change Now 

James ‘Birdman’ Cataldi gives commencement speech at (E.L.L.I.S.) Preparatory Academy graduation event held at Ellis Island last Tuesday (June 26, 2012), awarding intern students who worked at Inwood’s North Cove honorary Jr. Environmental Leaders Awards, to formally recognize their contribution which helped James earn the EPA Award, thus sharing the US EPA Award presented to James Cataldi, (highest honor given to the public), two months back.


E.L.L.I.S. bids goodbye
E.L.L.I.S. 2012 graduates rehearse for their Tuesday commencement ceremony,
which took place on Ellis Island.,50566

Solstice at the North Cove – Music / Música


Solstice at the North Cove – Music / Música


Birdman James Cataldi : “Art Helping Life” Partnership


When : Wed, June 20, 4:30pm – 8:30pm

North Cove, 207th St and 9th Ave (map)

Description : Solstice at the North Cove – Music / Música

Wednesday, June 20 | 4:30-8:30pm

A day of community, music, potluck picnic.