Manhattan WetLands & WildLife Association
North Cove, Sherman Creek, & “Three Sister Coves”
Stewardship – Science – Rehabilitation – Restoration – Education  

International-Flyway Tidal-Estuary Restoration
Four-Cove Complex on Harlem River, NYC, NY, USA
U.S. EPA Endorses Steward : James A. Cataldi “Birdman of Inwood”

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Like a Pasture who protects the land so the sheep have healthy and safe ground upon which to eat and live – Stewards of a Wildlife Sanctuary must protect the land, for healthy wildlife to grow, thrive. Inwood’s North Cove must bee nursed back to health since this remnant of estuary has been abused and over-looked for generations – for a short term cost justification.


US EPA is working with the restoration project – to establish a base-line from which to begin. After-all, how can anyone cost effectively fix the cove until after rigorous science identifies the current status. Internship opportunities will exist, as science data collection of the four coves is collected, analyzed, and plans are designed to bring these properties back to a Natural, healthy condition at all levels of the ecosystem complex and throughout the entire food chain.

The US EPA will assist and act upon the science gathered – so an Internship at the North Cove may help a high school student get into a good college or university, and higher level research lab work may help under-graduates get into a graduate school – which otherwise may not be possible.


The Tidal-estuary restoration begins deep under the mud flats, and continues up to increasingly more complex symbiotic life-systems. This involves over-all systems, and individual wildlife. Helping a single rapture, butterfly along its’ migration path may make a salient difference forever more. Plants, animals, water foul, sea creatures – all must be addressed in turn if an overall rehabilitation is hoped to be achieved and preserved.


After science has identified the complex elements missing or weak, restoration of the estuary begins : often it is back-breaking manual hard word dirty work – but as the four coves come back to health and behave as a team – a virtual estuary with four tiny (last remaining) shorelines can serve as a much larger estuary, adding diversity of highly specific differences.


People learn best by watching others : they learn through example. A prime mission is to educate the community, inspire the children, guide the higher class students – and all involved in restoration will also require science based education.


Participation is a community effort – first to stop the generational abuse the community became accustomed to all their life. Members of the community are encouraged to participate as passive members if they must – this is very little to ask for. Other members become placed into internship programs, gain management, administrative, and executive experience.

Membership is also encouraged to promote the entire effort as the primary founding members must also eat, pay rent, and travel as they rescue wildlife anywhere in the NYC area.

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