Never shared the matter is closed it would be nice if you would support theThe hospital he Uber ride to the cove with Bill getting a legal card services from the Mta vandalizes the bird sanctuary is oh as he gestured he was too busy is what it was with my witness Miku

That is all you got.

Now it is yours, pick up the keys please. And change the locks. Nothing changed. I will never even dream of interfering w jorge.

Because George is on the top of the food chain and I need George to listen to his heart and his grandchildren and his message to America, when his father said give everybody a piece of gum. But George took half and kept it for himself. George just a little piece of that gum for the birds please. I know I’m an asshole but with lucidity now having seizures including yesterday and the doctor said do you need more opioids. I said no I have four weeks left for me to week does does two months ago. I am aligned with my fantasy of a creator. Not from the Abra Hamic three religions. You will deal with Your own consciousness. I am super grateful for the birdseed. I’m super grateful you stop the vandalism of the old shed. I’m super grateful George’s business model is 100% affordable housing because George came from Cuba on the boatlift. I love you Jorge

The rest are getting paychecks and told I’m a pain in the ass and so are you are a Jorge Jorge Jorge put in those bird protections. And help me save the cove in the PT boat. And then I’ll walk away. I don’t need any chatter. This is between us. Bill is just taking direction . Bob is just taking direction. Interesting that you’re on that speak now feature on the phone is very off-base. I am not your focus is B.o.B and the rest build your fucking building I’m there behind you leave me alone. I want you to build your building. Please. No more communications for one month until I’m 62.

On Thu, Oct 31, 2019 at 6:54 PM William Bollinger <bill> wrote:

James like I said in the text. The shed is yours to keep. We are not tearing down nor moving on you. It is yours. Period

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From: james.cataldi
Sent: October 31, 2019 6:47 PM
To: hote221veva; airwebcommunications; james.cataldi; inwood.bird; jorge; cataldi.james
Cc: bill

Bob avoided me to go get free car work with SAME people who are vandalizing me

and then gave me and gestures that’s why I DID talk about. ONLY TO BOB

Doesn’t matter I understand what you guys think of me obviously. Get it the last of the line. Asymmetrical city Birdman relationship.

It doesn’t matter I’m not doing it gotcha I’m just a filmmaker.

I did meet the head of the AFL-CIO Jimmy Waylen A real friend came after the Board of Directors of the Mta backed down when they tried to throw me in federal prison for the shed I’ll let you tear down.

he’s head of transportation something a rather Then promoted something I think he has a parent but it doesn’t matter I refused to tear down my shed but I’ll let you move it not out a weakness because my word meant something and I never go back on my word no matter who I gave my word to. I’m deleting the rest

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