31 October, 2019 18:47

Bob avoided me to go get free car work with SAME people who are vandalizing me

and then gave me and gestures that’s why I DID talk about. ONLY TO BOB

Doesn’t matter I understand what you guys think of me obviously. Get it the last of the line. Asymmetrical city Birdman relationship.

It doesn’t matter I’m not doing it gotcha I’m just a filmmaker.

I did meet the head of the AFL-CIO Jimmy Waylen A real friend came after the Board of Directors of the Mta backed down when they tried to throw me in federal prison for the shed I’ll let you tear down.

he’s head of transportation something a rather Then promoted something I think he has a parent but it doesn’t matter I refused to tear down my shed but I’ll let you move it not out a weakness because my word meant something and I never go back on my word no matter who I gave my word to. I’m deleting the rest

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