Invite to North Cove Harlem RiverFest 2017 This Saturday/ We will have rain protection and many offerings not published

1 Native American Opening Ceremony/ Snake Dance and Library2 Coast Guard Table
3 Floating Island Concept Table

4 Youth Education contains music for toddlers
and for older youth: Monark Butterfly Raise/Tag and Release
Plant Wild Plant Seeds
Oyster Cage
Drone Flights Demos / live broadcast to internet

5 Participate in Community Design Workshop for North Cove and Manhattan Side of Harlem River between 208th Street and Academy
first in a series of 6/ results submitted to the City

6 BBQ Sponsored by C Town Supermarket
7 Pizza Sponsored by Grandpa s Brick Oven Pizza

8 Truly World Class Professional Music/ Old North Cove Favorites and New Friends; No Hype- this is some of the very best live music in America

9 Fund Raiser for Hurricane Relief and North Cove

This is a Manhattan Wetlands and Wildlife/ Rotary Club of Inwood, Manhattan/Rotary International Production
To Volunteer, Sponsor, become a Vendor or Donate or for Information: 646-875-6877

James "the birdman" Cataldi
EPA Award Winner for work at North Cove
Lic NYS Rehabber
Chief Steward of Inwood North Cove informally operated as a Fish and Wildlife Refuge and Community Gathering Place

only five days away/ this Sat. Sept. 16

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