26 June, 2014 17:28

Tell USDA and NY Officials to Do Their Jobs!
No More Killing of Canada Geese

In Defense of Animals

About 25,000 Canada geese are killed nationwide each summer by USDA Wildlife Services in the name of alleged air safety. The WS agents come in the early morning hours to round up geese who can’t fly during their molting period (and thus don’t have a chance to escape their brutal fate) and then these parents and their young are either gassed on site, or trucked to an undisclosed slaughterhouse…words cannot describe the panic, fear and despair of these birds.

Between 2009 and 2012, the USDA WS killed nearly 5,000 Canada geese and their goslings in New York City alone, yet, the number of bird and commercial airplane collisions merely decreased from 56 to 50 incidents over those three years.

Killing Canada geese, or any birds in the name of air safety, may give the impression that officials are doing something to protect the public, and it most certainly is a lucrative business for the USDA WS, which gets paid for their killings sprees, but mass killing of birds is not dealing with the problem.

Is mass slaughtering Canada geese really all they can do? If so, then New York’s officials are not doing their job.

Tell them to stop the killing of Canada geese and other birds immediately, and implement avian radar as other airports outside of the United States have done successfully.

Click here to take action.

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