INCove News. Urgent Fund Raising Drive

PLEASE HELP US RAISE MONEY, ANY AMOUNT WILL HELP NO MATTER HOW SMALL. If you can’t afford to at this time we understand maybe you can volunteer at the cove. Or just keep us In your thoughts Thank you Birdman Jim!

Dear blog viewer, thank you for visiting our blog site, now we wish to invite you to join the mission at the North Cove.

Today, We need help raising critical funds to provide wildlife care programs at North Cove.While making a paypal donation is helpful, we can’t get immediate access to the funds, so making a cash donation at any level you can afford would be even more helpful. No amount is too small to make a difference and show you care.

If you contact me at Birdman, I can make arrangements to receive funds directly.

We know you care, and any amount will help nourish one more life during these extreme wintering times. Or help fund our planting program next spring when we start to grow marsh plants and grasses for next year for the migration from the north. As each year returns the water fowl to their winter home, as you see the north cove is a gate way to sky and ocean along east coast migrations paths tens of thousands of years old. Or older. Now at risk because the wildlife is loosing critical grazing areas due to modern urban designs that don’t account for our migratory brothers and sisters.

Below are Pics of the north cove being used as a migration winter home, sheltered oasis in the middle of modern mans steel and cement. Sister birds, in the Harlem River of ice.

Today, They need your help to keep just enough healthy food to keep the immune systems strong enough that the young and weak from the long flight from the north where they spent the summer keeps them alive.

As well the presence of wintering migratory wildlife also protects the Inwood Harlem River North Cove Wetlands from being developed as they are federally and internationally protected.

And if you squint your eyes you might just for a moment get a sense of what the ancestors might have seen at the North Cove native village in the years before Europeans destroyed their way of life, the old ways and relations w Mother Earth, father sky, brother animals and sister birds.

As well, there are shell fish, crab, oysters, opossums, muskrats, raccoon, and feral cats as well.

Pics from the fist cold spell about one week back first week of January 2014.

James Cataldi, a.k.a. Birdman of Inwood North Cove

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