INCove News – 9-22-13

Change ‘Business as Usual’ at Indian Point Nuclear Reactor


The following were the facts and background Information which went I to the decision to sponsor the petition on If people understood them or read the sources directly on the protect page of NYCWetlands,org then I believe everybody would sign the petition. As we all need no repeat of the disaster in Japan, with no way yet known to stop it from getting worse.

Background: In it’s current operating state, Indian Point Nuclear Power Reactor on the Greater Hudson Estuary River puts New York State’s environment and New York City and it’s waterways, public safety and human health at extreme risk from operational accidents, and acts of God, including extreme solar events, earthquakes under the Atlantic Ocean or under the nuclear power plant, terrorist attacks, poor management aging plant infrastructure; and antiquated technology.

There is no taxpayers real protection for the risks posed by mismanagement, inadequate safety measures, and aged infrastructure at Indian Point.

A simple ‘Power Failure’ is causing Disaster in Japan. Fukushima in Japan ‘Failed’ when No-Power, and failed ‘Backup Plans’ prevented critical reactor-cooling and the over-heated reactors began a melt down process; this developing disaster process began two years ago, and it has gotten worse daily for more than two years – with no solution in sight.

And Fukushima did not have a disaster planning good enough to protect Environmental and Public Health from loss of electrical power

And Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant also has No-Plan adequate fail safe protection plan either..

Facts on public record:

1. criminally falsified records management relating to vital back up power systems not in compliance and lying to co-workers relating to official safety inspections, even though power is critical for the plant not to melt down like at Fukushima

2. cracks and leaks in infrastructure

3. same design as in failing in Fukushima, Japan

4. design is 40 years old …would be 60 years at end of next license period

5. no adequate housing over massive spent fuel rod storage

6. environmentally destructive and runs afoul of various coastal policies

7. devastating impacts on the aquatic biota of nearby State and Federally designated Significant Coastal Fish and Wildlife Habitat in Haverstraw Bay

8. radioactive leaks into the Hudson River passing by New York City and into New York Harbor

9. storing thousands of tons of highly radioactive nuclear waste in overly crowded leaking spent fuel pools

10. temporary dry cask storage structures at Indian Point

11. estimated 1.2 billion fish are killed annually in the once through cooling intake systems

12. To be relicensed Indian Point must also be deemed consistent with 44 enforceable policies outlined in the NYC’s Coastal Management plan

13. Japan’s experience with Fukushima, which is sending windborn radioactive contamination to the United States, should be a wake up call for New York State to protect its residents, wildlife, lands and waters.

14. one of licenses for one of reactors at Indian Point, will have expired on September 28th 2013 this will be the only reactor in America that operating with the permission of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on an expired license!

Two public hearings are scheduled

Public Hearing 1:

The NY State Energy and Telecommunications Committee will hold a public hearing on Monday, September 30 from 10 am to 3 PM to examine the Indian Pt. contingency proposal for replacement energy and in light of the fact that the license for one of the reactor will have expired on September 28th. The public is welcome to attend. It will as well be broadcasted via a live feed at:

Public Hearing 2:

NYS’s Coastal Management Plan protects the health of the waterways, and Indian Point requires a state issued water permit to operate. There is no adequate plan to protect our waterways nor the millions of people in the New York City region, from small or large accidents and events.

Disaster prevention is a public health and safety issue, an environmental issue and an economic issue. The public has cr) on whether Indian Point’s license should be renewed.

Live feed for sept 30 public hearing two:

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