Change ‘Business as Usual’ at Indian Point Nuclear Reactor

Change ‘Business as Usual’ 
at Indian Point Nuclear Reactor

Indian Point Nuclear Reactor Power Generation Station is 23 miles north of Manhattan and current mismanagement and weak oversight jeopardize the lives of 23 million metropolitan area residents; the viability of their environment; and their economic prospects.

Evidence of mismanagement include:  falsified records to appear compliant with requirements for backup power sources; lying about safety inspections; and failure to modernize infrastructure – leaving New Yorkers to face the same aged-plant and inherent problems as in Fukushima today.

We urge the New York State Legislature to begin holding public hearings to solicit industry, regulatory and resident testimony, and expert and witness testimony from Fukushima, to determine how to ensure the safe operation of Indian Point, and then determine under what conditions should another 20-year operating license be approved, and if Indian Point can operate with safety, or should be shut down.

We also urge that the public hearing process must be extended beyond October, with multiple meetings held throughput New York State in addition to the two hearings scheduled for September 30 and October 12.

We believe that Indian Point must implement adequate, verifiable public health and safety preservation measures for its infrastructure, emergency responses, waste disposal, shut-down procedures, and for all other aspects of its operations, with public reporting on benchmarks; fully and verifiably comply with New York State’s Coastal Management Plan that protects the health of New York State’s waterways; and possess valid federal NRC licenses for all reactors in operation at Indian Point.

Otherwise, we urge federal and State officials to close Indian Point immediately.

Petition sponsor:


          Manhattan Wetlands and Wildlife Association

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