NYC, Inwood’s North Cove Wildlife Sanctuary

FOUNDER – JAMES [ BirdMan of Inwood ] CATALDI Mr. Cataldi is a licensed by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation as a New York State Wildlife Rehabilitator, and is authorized to capture, transport, rehabilitate, and release injured displaced and orphaned New York State Wildlife, and works closely with its federal partners licensed by the department of the interior for federally protected wildlife. Mr. Cataldi has received years of training and support from the principals of the Wild Bird Fund.Former Professional Wall Street Business Career-Prior Accomplishments Authorized Technology Vendor of (Citicorp: 1985-2001); (General Electric: 91-2001); (Deutsche Bank – 98-9/11/2001) Was the first AT&T Information Systems VAR: 1981- 83 non-Bell Labs or Western Electric affiliate.Prior to the World Trade disaster: 25 years in the field, operation technology businesses, and in conducting R&D and practicing in multi disciplinary fields of finance, telecommunications and software intensive hardware systems. Accumulated extensive experience in requirements analysis, design and development, deployment and operations support including training of mission critical production systems. Acquired expertise in multiple inter disciplinary computer languages and platforms specializing in Specification Development; Expert Systems (AI); private R&D in elemental logical structures.

Cataldi performed extensive work involving quantitative analytical modeling of financials/ sensitivities (origination, valuation, corporate forecasting, and operational risk management). Involved in all aspects of the product development life cycle (waterfall, modified waterfall and MIT RAD and Microsoft RAD), with enhanced expertise in risk management (theory and practice).

Highlights Correspondence; meetings and project development with/ for a new Mr. Ken Williamson, head of NASA’s 3,600 Software Engineers At the Marshal Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Al. (Advanced Stealth Anomalies Detection Models) -1993- and Formal Invitations from the senior advisor for high performance communications and computers for the White House (Clinton Administration: Dr. Levy) to speak on proprietary fractal software models based on advanced stochastic quantum geometry: theory and problem application -1992. Conducted extensive work in Mathematical Methods of Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems and in developing and refining business planning, long-term strategic planning, short-term tactical implementation, business process re-engineering, risk mitigation.

Manhattan WetLands & WildLife Association
North Cove, Sherman Creek, & “Three Sister Coves”
Stewardship – Science – Rehabilitation – Restoration – Education  

International-Flyway Tidal-Estuary Restoration
Four-Cove Complex on Harlem River, NYC, NY, USA
U.S. EPA Endorses Steward : James A. Cataldi “Birdman of Inwood”

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