ELLIS Preparatory Academy Graduation Ceremony


ELLIS Preparatory Academy Graduation Ceremony
Where: Staten Island
When: Jun 26, 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Description: James ‘Birdman’ Cataldi: Keynote speaker for Local Public Schools’ Graduation at Staten Island – awards Students for Environmental Awareness and efforts performed through Internships.

English Language Learners and International Support Preparatory Academy (ELLIS)

99 Terrace View Avenue
Bronx NY 10463
Phone: (718) 220-1889
Principal: Norma Vega
Neighborhood: Marble Hill/ Riverdale

Insideschools review

ELLIS Preparatory Academy is a welcoming school designed for new immigrants over the age of 16. Some know almost no English and have had little education in their home countries. Others have strong academic skills and are nearly ready for college. The school is part of theInternationals Network, which has a long record of preparing new immigrants for college. Principal Norma Vega, formerly a social worker at Brooklyn International High School and principal of Bronx International High School founded ELLIS in 2008.

… http://insideschools.org/high/browse/school/1521

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